Firerock: Pass the Spark is a project that catalyzes community engagement with climate change through the ancient practices of song and story. At its core is a mythical, warm-hearted, family-friendly musical production that illuminates our disconnection from the impacts of extractive energy. The musical is a scalable, open-source, DIY project that anyone can produce. Performances are integrated with activities intended to create community and spaces for dialogue and sustained action. Ultimately, Firerock strengthens our connections, builds resilience, and is a powerful tool to support universal access to clean water, air, and energy.

FIREROck concert performance premiere: january 19-20th, 2018


Adobe Rose Theatre

1213 B Parkway Drive 

Santa Fe, NM 87507



Join us in bringing Firerock to the stage, classrooms, and living rooms and help spark creative action for a vibrant and just future.

Musical premiere

After years of creative development in workshops and community residencies around the country, Firerock: Pass the Spark will launch its New Mexico premiere in January of 2018. Thanks to a stellar team and partner contributions, Firerock is poised to be a magical and galvanizing experience to renew our connection to each other and our living planet. Subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming premiere info.  


We provide partners with everything they need to make Firerock their own, including three different scales of the script and musical score. Our free, comprehensive DIY toolkit also has guides for engagement activities, partnership development, and continuing education on shaping a clean energy future.

FIREROCkers Unite

Host groups identify and express their own unique contributions to the climate change movement and incorporate these into their Firerock sets and performances. Wherever productions are done, Firerock groups connect through an online platform to share pieces of performances, expressions of what they learned, and creative ways to light our path ahead. Join the growing network of communities committed to meaningful action.

why FIREROCK & WHY now?

FR Illustration Mine.png

Climate disruption is one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. It threatens the rights and survival of people around the world and in our own communities, where identities, histories and economies have been constructed around extraction. Confronting climate change requires that we understand our relationship to systems to that keep us reliant on fossil fuels and find meaningful ways to work together toward climate justice. Firerock uses heart, hope, and imagination at a time of great urgency to connect us with ourselves, each other, and the planet. Innovative and uplifting, it sparks agency in those that want to take the first steps toward a restorative, Earth-honoring future.

FIREROCK, previously COAL: The Musical, is a fiscally project of Littleglobe Inc.  Littleglobe partners with local, national, and international communities to create rigorous artistic works that create meaningful relationships, empower individuals and communities, and reflect the power of our social imagination.