FIREROCK catalyzes and supports creative climate engagement and leadership. The heart of FIREROCK is the musical production, which we offer as a full-scale, professional, musical production as well as scalable, adaptable, localized DIY FIREROCK performances called Pass the Spark. Every performance of FIREROCK will be accompanied by a series of activities designed to build community and engineer creative spaces for dialogue and response. FIREROCK supports us in moving from our current stance in which we are paralyzed—not knowing what to do or how to act—to seeing ourselves as part of the solution.

Musical Production

After years of innovative participatory book and score development, with a wide range of communities across the country and a stellar creative team, FIREROCK is poised to be a magical experience and catalytic force for climate stability as we transition to 100% clean energy and our renewed connection to each other and our living planet. Subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming premiere info.  


FIREROCK is a musical storytelling technology that can be adapted by communities. We provide partners with everything that they need to make FIREROCK their own, including the script, musical score, and a comprehensive toolkit to assist groups developing community partnerships, convening engagement activities, and facilitating dialogue.

Pass the Spark

FIREROCK, often called the Vagina Monologues of climate work, invites host groups, communities, cities and more to identify and express their unique contributions to climate stability through connecting and sharing efforts around the country and the world. As the scaleable, adaptable production is done around dinner tables, in churches, schools and theatres, FIREROCK Sparks can share and connect through an online platform and feel part of the web of solutions – the Sparks that light our path ahead.

FIREROCK is a project of Littleglobe, a New Mexico-based non-profit committed to interdisciplinary, collaborative art projects that foster life-affirming connections across the boundaries that divide us. FIREROCK stands on the shoulders of Littleglobe’s many years of successful arts and community work.