NYC Development Workshop of Firerock: Pass the Spark (Previously COAL: The musical)

In September 2014, the creative team gathered in NYC with a full slate of professional actors and musicians to stage a workshop on the full show for two weeks concurrent with the People’s Climate March. These videos showcase three Firerock songs performed at the workshop: "The Snooze" (Firerock, Ana, and Otter), "Reciprocity" (Otter and Ana), and "Ana's Song" (Ana).

REHEARSAL OF FIREROCK (previously COAL: THe musical) Script Reading

The first ever community production of a Firerock event was back in 2012, when the project was known as COAL: The Musical, at the Brea Congregational Church in Orange County. The video here is from a COAL script reading and the characters Ana and Olam are debating the merits of people.