Casting Call for Firerock Workshop and Public Reading


Firerock: Pass the Spark

Book & Story by Georgina Escobar, Nancy Vitale, and Acushla Bastible
Music & Lyrics by Molly Sturges, Luis Guerra, and Enrico de Trizio
Directed by Acushla Bastible

This audition is for a workshop and public reading of Firerock: Pass the Spark Musical in June 2017.  Those cast will be seriously considered for the fully staged production in January 2018.

To hear samples from the 2016 NYC workshop:
For more information on the project and production:

Auditions by appointment: If interested, please send your CV, headshot and a short video clip with one song (accompanied or unaccompanied) demonstrating your vocal range to by April 20.

Audition Dates
Santa Fe
: Saturday, April 22, 2017
Albuquerque: Sunday, April 23, 2017

Audition Locations
Santa Fe
: New Mexico School for the Arts at 275 E Alameda St, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Albuquerque: N4th Art Center (part of Very Special Arts) at 4904 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107

Same day call-backs

Rehearsal/Workshop and Public Reading Dates
June 2 and 3 (times TBD) and public reading June 4, 7 pm
Santa Fe’s Railyard Performance Space

Actors will be paid.

Littleglobe, a Santa Fe-based multi-arts and social engagement non-profit:

Both Equity and Non-Equity actors are encouraged to audition.  Firerock is committed to a diverse cast and encourages submissions of all actors regardless of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, sex, gender, age, disability, religion, or belief.

A coveted vein of Firerock, a symbol for fossil fuels, has spent 365 million years underneath the Wildwood, a magical forest outside the mining town of Hopewell Junction.  The ancient and wise Firerock yearns to stay in the Earth, but her cries are ignored.  Years of burning Firerock has produced the Snooze, a numbing slumber that disconnects Hopewell’s inhabitants from the natural world.  One family grapples with whether to sell the beloved Wildwood, a move that could help a young student and provide for the struggling community in the short-term but bring devastation for generations to come.  Their decision is complicated by the arrival of an ambitious young man from the mining company.  With everyone’s future at stake, Firerock and a bumbling otter must awaken the spark of connection in Hopewell residents before their world is lost forever.

Cast Breakdown for Firerock: Pass the Spark

Pippa: 50’s.  A healer and community nurse.  (Alto-Mezzo)

Ellis: Late 50’s-mid 60’s).  A retired coal miner, Ana’s father, and ex-husband of Pippa.  (Tenor)

Ana: Late teens/early 20’s.  A student, daughter of Pippa and Ellis.  (Pop Soprano)

Tai: Early 20’s.  Businessman and grandson of the founder of PremCo Mining.  (Pop Tenor)

Otter: Youthful/no specific age.  The Wise Fool and Helper, an optimistic and bumbling character who tries to wake the humans from the “Snooze.” (Pop Tenor)

Firerock: No specific age.  This mysterious 365-million-year-old figure has gravity and a commanding presence.  She is a source of light, wisdom, and energy.  (Ideally, extended range and vocal technique, but strong actors will also be considered for this role)