Firerock in 2018 into 2019

Since the concert launch in 2018, Firerock is collaborating with different parters around the country to support new DIY versions. The team is focusing on supporting host sites to make it their own and is launching a focus on choir pop-up versions. As a long-term project, Firerock is ever evolving and learning as we go.

Firerock also welcomes back the incredible Camila Thorndike as Firerock’s project manager. We are VERY happy to have her back:)

Seeking a Producing Manager for Firerock: Pass the Spark

Firerock seeks a Producing Manager for a fully-staged musical production January 2018.

In collaboration with the Stage Director and under the supervision of the Producer, the Producing Manager oversees and/or participates in many key aspects of the planning, scheduling, communications, producing partnerships, casting/crew assignments, and building, rehearsing and producing of Firerock: Pass the Spark.